About Me

Yard-Arm - Floating studio

I am a digital creative, making works inspired by island life, nature and exploration. Working with photography, video for promotional material as well as creative sides to digital work with code and projections.
Having grown up on an island I have a inherent interest in island culture. I enjoy the challenge of working digitally in the rural environment. Spending a lot of time on the water, working with boats, sailing, kayaking and any other way. I hope to use some of the skills and experiences to improve and define my work.
With a close connection to the sea I am looking to help local organisations as best I can to help protect the oceans.
Along with everything I plan to be doing I will be recording and sharing my adventures in Yard-Arm.

Photography, Filming & Editing, Social Media Work
Website and Application Development
Projection Mapping, Creative Coding

How To Contact Me
I'm interested to hear of any opportunities, projects or problems I could help with. I'm keen to learn new skills or develop existing ones to work on rewarding projects.

Mobile: 07857269604
Email: simonsloan@hotmail.co.uk

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