This project started with the purchase of a 35mm film camera from my local charity shop. I wasn't looking for a new camera. It was the quality of the camera that caught my attention. Held within a leather case, the metal finish of the camera was still in great condition. The controls felt somewhat familiar, with design features I had experienced from my digital cameras. With the purchase of some film that camera was ready to be used, and so I began recording events, places and objects. 
     I took the camera with me on many hikes, adventures and journeys, especially on the Isle of Arran. I always took photos with great care, only photographing moments of importance. The advancing of the film confirming the desicion to take a photo. All these motions are concious actions, there is no uncertanty. You either take a photo or you don't.
     The final images created were scanned digitally and only edited slightly to reduce some of the dust / fiber picked up by the scanner. To keep in line with this exploration of the anolog medium I attempted no further digital colour correction or editting. A smaller selection of the final images is presented below.
From the 8 rolls of film developed 1 returned spoiled. I have no record of the images lost.

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