Sailing to Tarbert boat festival.

This was my first substantial voyage, it was done single handed. Though small in comparison to the great sailors of the oceans to me this was a massive adventure. Before this I had only sailed the boat for a few hours at a time, often with crew. This voyage would involve 3 days sailing to get there and back.

I intended to sail to Lochranza on day one but chose to anchor in Corrie instead. It was realised that the trip around the top of Arran would take to long with head winds and tides. As I new the coast well I new exactly where would be sheltered, and where I could drop my anchor. My first time anchoring gave me very little break from the anxieties of dragging my anchor, sleeping just a few hours through the night.   

Waking early to catch the favorable wind I lifted my anchor and was surprised to find something attached to it. An old fisherman's anchor was latched on. With the anchor stowed and sails set I began making way again. The wind would calm down a little as I approached Tarbert and would arrive to meet my friends in the late afternoon.

The boat festival was a little quiet because of the persistent rain. We spent the weekend sheltering in various wooden boats, each kept warm with wood burning fires. The small gatherings, performances shared stories were brilliant and possibly far better than any planned events.
On the final day all the boats set sail to show off the hard work gone into keeping them. After watching the parade for a short while a few of us began our return journeys home. A swift broad reach home in f4- f5 conditions. Perfect sailing and a fantastic day. It took around 7 hours and after I was exhausted physically and mentally.

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