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Yard-Arm - Floating studio

Yard-Arm is a westerly cirrus, a 22ft coastal weekend boat. She is my first sailing boat and I've been spending the last 3 years learning a lot about the sea on her. Like many westerly designs she is comfortable, safe and stylish in her own special way.

Westerly Cirrus
The westerly cirrus's were built from 1968 – 1972 making her close to 50 years old. Unlike some other westerly's the cirrus is built with a fin keel, improving her performance and ability to sail into the wind. Though she is by far going to be the fastest boat out there she will always get to where shes going. The westerly designs are known for there stability, comfort and safety.

Live aboard
The Cirrus is not intended as a live aboard, at only 22 ft long there is limited space for everything needed. I am looking forward to taking on the challenge, and will be spending as much time as possible living in the boat over the summer. I will be based in Lamlash bay, though intend to explore other parts of the Clyde through out the year. The boat is split into two area's, with a forward berth and toilet and the main galley. There is even standing head room which is surprising for a boat this size.

In order to make it a functioning live aboard I have installed a few comforts. A diesel heater keeps her warm through the Scottish summer weather. 12V and 240v power available at limited supply to power phones, laptops and tablets.
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